Company Profile

Introduction to Nativa (Pty) Ltd

Nativa entered the alternative and complementary health market in South Africa in April 1999. Its purpose is “To enrich peoples’ lives by delivering the highest quality alternative and natural health care solutions to all”. Nativa’s approach is to develop high quality complementary products that target specific consumer needs by combining the best that science and nature have to offer. Nativa employs close to 200 people and proudly markets 18 brands covering over 180 products.

Our values

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Courage
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration

Trade Channels

Nativa products are sold through:

  • Leading pharmacies nationally
  • All major retail channels nationally
  • Government tenders
  • Garage forecourts nationally
  • Exports to around 20 countries

Our Brands:

about_controlice Controlice - sends head lice packing without using any potentially harmful chemicals or poison.
about_femagene Femagene range – pH balanced intimate care range.
about_go Go! - Multivitamins and lifestyle supplements for men and women, for improved vitality, well–being and cognitive function.
JOINTEze - A range of products for stiff, painful joints and muscles.
about_lifegain Lifegain – a nutritional supplement designed to assist in building and regaining physical strength.
about_linctagon Linctagon range - a first line of defence to assist the body to fight respiratory infection, colds and flu.
about_matla Matla – the body booster range for energy, immune support and recovery supplements to support the chronically ill.
about_mom2b Mom2B - Provides pre-birth and lactation nutritional support for expectant moms and their babies.
Nativa Complex range – targeted supplementation that can offer disease specific and general health support.
about_osteoeze OsteoEze – a joint care range that targets joint degeneration and arthritic conditions.
about_radical RadiCAL - a mineral complex range to support strong bones.
about_replace Replace – provides advanced nutritional support either as a meal replacement or to replace lost nutrients, vitamins and minerals.
about_spasmopep Spasmopep – targeted care for digestive health.
about_turbokidz TurboKidz – Targeted supplementation range for growing children.
about_turbovite Turbovite – the body and mind energy booster range.
Venavine - a leg vein health supplement that can help to alleviate some of the symptoms associated with Chronic Venous Insufficiency which include heavy, painful and swollen legs.

Through science and nature Nativa positively impacts on the health and quality of life of its product users.