Send head lice packing without Poison!

If you are tired of fighting a losing battle against head lice, ask your pharmacist for Controlice Hair Hygiene.


Spot the problem

When your child complains of an itchy scalp, particularly around the ear and neck hairline area, he or she might have head lice. You will see small, whitish nits attached to the hair shaft. Head lice are crawling insects roughly the size of a pinhead and their nits (eggs) are about two thirds smaller. They sport six legs and are equipped with claws to grasp the hair. The lice are clear in colour when they hatch but turn reddish-brown once they start feeding on the blood of their hosts.

Head lice may also be indicated if one finds tiny, black spots on bed pillows, sheets or clothing near the neckline and shoulders. These black spots consist of digested blood excreted by a head louse after feeding. Some children may also get small, red bumps and suffer from mild scalp irritation. However, it is possible to have head lice without these symptoms. For an initial diagnosis use a fine toothcomb (like the Controlice comb). Comb through the hair onto a tissue to ascertain if any lice or nits (eggs) are present. The magnifying glass supplied with the Controlice Lice Comb will make this procedure easier.

More info

Lice infestations can come from almost anywhere, for example: classmates, another child’s clothing, hat, comb or brush. Lice outbreaks are common amongst school children and even the cleanest child can easily become infested. During a lice infestation, it is important that you inspect all family members for at least two weeks.

What not to do

Once you have spotted the infestation, don’t panic. Sure, head lice are becoming more resistant to chemical extermination. But fortunately, using increased quantities of potentially harmful chemicals and insecticides on your child’s head to get rid of the suckers is no longer the only option.

Here are the facts

  • Head lice are small, wingless, six-legged, highly specialized insects with flattened bodies.
  • Infestation usually comes from direct hair-to-hair contact with another person.
  • Head lice don’t have wings therefore they cannot fly or jump from head to head without assistance, but they are terrific runners and they can hide.
  • They live ONLY ON HUMANS, and feed extensively on human blood. If stranded away from the human scalp they die quickly (1-2 days).
  • They attach themselves to the scalp and lay nits (eggs) in the hair.
  • Live nits (eggs) are opaque in colour.
  • Live nits are usually found 1.5cm from the scalp, hatched nits will be found further away.
  • In order to survive, lice need to feed on the blood of their hosts every 3-4 hours.
  • While on their hosts they also extend the lice population by mating every 3-4 hours. On average they stay alive between 23-30 days.
  • A regular shampoo will not have any effect on the scoundrels.
  • Head lice are not a health hazard or a sign of uncleanliness. They infest people who have both good and bad hygiene habits. Anyone can get head lice, however, girls are infested more often than boys and kids more often than adults.

Armed with Controlice – getting rid of head lice is now as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1: TREAT (Controlice Oil Spray / Head Rinse)
Step 2: COMB (Controlice Lice Comb / Lice Buster)
Step 3: DEFEND (Controlice Defence Spray / Shampoo)

The Controlice range consists of hair care formulas that can assist in eliminating lice without using any potentially harmful chemicals or poison. Treat the head as soon as possible after discovering the lice with a lice shampoo or spray. You will need to repeat the treatment 7 days later. A normal shampoo does not remove the lice.

After using Controlice Oil Spray/Head Rinse, it is necessary to comb out all the nits. Re-infestation may occur if any lice nits remain on the hair. Repeat the combing procedure several times over the next fourteen days. To remove nits, a special lice comb should be used. The Controlice Lice Combs are precision engineered products that are very effective in removing nits. The unique tooth configuration provides a gentle scraping action which dislodges lice and nits without damaging the hair.

Treat all family members and anyone who has come into contact with the infestation at the same time to prevent re-infestation. Use Controlice Defence Shampoo or Spray to protect the whole family. Machine wash all linen, towels, hats in hot water and by ironing or placing the items in a hot tumble dryer for 20 minutes. Clean or replace hairbrushes. Keep long hair plaited. Check regularly for nits.

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Controlice Lice Buster Comb
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Controlice Defence Spray is a formulation with plant oils, that can help repel head lice and avoi..