Controlice Head Rinse - 100ml

Controlice Head Rinse - 100ml
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Non-toxic, non-resistant lotion containing ingredients that can combat head lice infestations*.

Controlice Head Rinse Lotion is a pesticide-free treatment that can help parents take control of lice outbreaks and achieve peace of mind while restoring their household to its normal balance. Its primary ingredient dimethicone, is a synthetic lubricant used as a conditioning agent in many top selling shampoos. It is odourless and non-irritating.

Studies revealed that dimethicone not only coats the lice, but also enters the stigmata and head trachea, effectively blocking the oxygen supply; it’s like putting them in a cling wrap straight jacket and leaving them to suffocate.

Dimethicone lubricates and allows the comb to glide effortlessly through hair, even long, thick or very curly hair. In the study, treatment was combined with combing, contributing to the 95% lice free observation on Day 7 and 97% lice free observation on Day 14 (after two treatments). However, the data suggests that 99% of head lice removed by combing were already dead.

The great thing is that the formula contains no potentially harmful poisons and the active ingredient is not absorbed through the skin. Because Controlice Head Rinse lotion does not work chemically, lice can also not become resistant to it.

Controlice Head Rinse lotion is easy to use. As a matter of fact, users will hardly notice the colourless and odourless lotion when they leave it on overnight. And there is more than enough in a bottle to repeat the treatment within the prescribed seven day period.

Because lice cannot become resistant to it, Controlice Head Rinse lotion could be used again if re-infestation does occur.

  • Non-toxic
  • Odourless
  • Gentle to use
  • Easy to use

* Efficacy of support may vary between users.

This medicine has not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council.
This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

Each 100 ml contains:
Dimethicone 4.0 g
Using the product

How to use Controlice Head Rinse:

  1. Apply sufficient solution to dry hair and spread evenly from the roots to the tips. To ensure overall coverage, you are advised to concentrate on smaller sections of hair, and only to move on to the next section once an area is completely covered.
  2. Ensure that the scalp is fully covered.
  3. Comb hair thoroughly with a Controlice Comb, area by area.
  4. Comb from the base of the hair, as near to the scalp as possible, through to the hair tip. After each combing action or sweep, wipe the combings off onto a tissue.
  5. Allow the hair to dry naturally. Leave on the hair for at least 8 hours or overnight while sleeping. It will dry off in time. Because it is colourless and odourless leaving it on is not unpleasant at all.
  6. Thereafter wash hair with Controlice Defence Shampoo or normal shampoo (No conditioner required).

Important: Repeat at least once more after 7 days, or earlier if necessary, to ensure that the full life cycle of the lice are covered.
Do not apply to damaged or broken skin. Do not use when known sensitivity or allergy exists towards any of the ingredients. Safety for use during pregnancy has not been established. Porphyria: Safety has not been established.

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