Controlice Lice Buster Comb

Controlice Lice Buster Comb
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Head lice comb for long and curly hair.*

People with longer, curly or very thick hair might prefer the Controlice Lice Buster comb.  Because it is equipped with much longer teeth it is no coincidence that this sturdy import has earned a reputation as one of the best lice combs on the global market.  The Controlice Lice Buster comb is ideal to use when checking for re-infestation on a two-weekly basis.
To avoid re-infestation: Wash all clothes and bedding in hot, soapy water or have it dry- cleaned.

Regular inspection of all family members is the best form of prevention.

The comb can assist in eliminating head lice and their nits*!

  • Especially suited for long and/or curly hair
  • Highly polished precision spaced, stainless steel teeth
  • Permanently sealed handle
  • Smooth handle design
  • Can be used on dry, wet or damp hair
  • Helps prevent re-infestation with regular use between applications
  • Reliable

* Efficacy of support may vary between users.

  Head lice comb for long and curly hair.
Using the product How to use Controlice Lice Buster Comb:
Apply a lice application to the hair, carefully following directions provided with the product.
Comb out any tangles with a conventional comb first; this will facilitate combing with the lice buster to remove nits (lice eggs).

Separate two centimetres of hair and place the teeth of the comb as close to the scalp as possible. Comb away from the scalp.

Repeat this procedure until the entire head has been combed.

Thoroughly rinse the hair. Comb on damp or dry hair, whichever works best for you.

Lice applications do not kill the nits; therefore it is important to remove the nits with a lice comb. Continue to inspect for nits for at least two weeks.
To clean the comb:
Use a brush (an old toothbrush works well) to remove debris.  Rinse and clean the comb with warm (not boiling), soapy water. Allow to cool.
To avoid re-infestation:
Wash all clothes and bedding in hot, soapy water or have it dry-cleaned. Repeat the combing procedure several times in the next 14 days. For best results, use with Controlice Defence Spray to detangle hair for smooth combing.
Re-infestation may occur if viable nits remain on the hair shaft. Lice firmly attach the nits to the hair shaft with a cement-like substance. To prevent infestation it is essential to dislodge the nit from the hair shaft. The tooth configuration of the Controlice Lice Buster provides a gentle scraping action which dislodges the tenacious nits without damaging the hair.

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