Social Responsibility

4 April 2014:

Groot FM have launched a campaign “ Taking care of the Caretakers” where they not only focus on the underprivileged, but those who take care of them. The 1st event was at a very poor school in Pretoria, Hermanstad. At this school there are 11 teachers who with a very small salary, take such good care of the 113 underprivileged children at the school. Groot FM decided to surprise these teachers with a pamper-session – by doing their hair, spoiling them with hampers and taking care of the kids for the day so that they can sit back and relax. Their aim was to pamper, treat and thank the teachers at this specific school for their dedication and effort with these kids. Nativa contributed to 11 hampers for the teachers.

This is a great initiative, and very proud that Nativa could get involved!

grootfm_1 grootfm_2 grootfm_3“Namens ons GROOTfm 90.5 span en die Personeel van Pinocchio Kleuterskool, ‘n GROOT dankie vir ‘n baie spesiale bederfdag!  Ek glo werklik ons het geslaag in ons doel om in hierdie kosbare mense se lewens in te bou en vir hulle ons waardering te wys vir die onselfsugtige werk wat hulle elke dag doen!  Ons waardeer nie net die skenking wat julle gemaak het nie, maar die rede en die hoe en die gesindheid waarmee julle dit gedoen het!  Ons sien sommer baie uit na ‘n volgende keer waar ons moontlik weer die gemeenskap van Pretoria saam kan dien!”

18 July 2013:

As part of doing their 67 minutes of goodwill, some staff members from Nativa visited the Jakaranda and Louis Botha Children’s Homes on Madiba Day.  Nativa donated some products and old clothes to the homes and played games with the children.  Staff members also participated in the ‘Facebook squeeze a lemon project’.  For every lemon squeezed, R1 was donated to the homes.  Nativa squeezed 2000 lemons in half an hour which resulted in R2000 being donated to the homes.

15 September 2010

Being deaf does not mean that you cannot enjoy and live an eventful life!

The Deaf Cats Football Club is a case in point. Team members are all deaf, but are performing well in the Mamelodi Promotional Football League. A recent request to kit the players out, also did not fall on deaf ears! Nativa heeded their call and kitted the team out with new Matla (body booster) kits. With their new kits and Matla nutritional support, opponents better watch out!

Mosala Makhetha of the Deaf Cats Football Club received their new kit from Nativa’s promotional manager, Jacques de Villiers. Nativa, employs three Deaf production workers at their nutritional powder factory!


3 September 2010

Ladies Breakfast fundraiser for PopUp

PopUp hosted a ladies breakfast to celebrate a decade of hope and restoration of the many lives they have touched. At this unique event that was attended by 650 women, Nativa donated 5 big prize hampers that were handed out as lucky draws. Nativa was also part of the exhibition and it proved to be very successful as woman were very curios to find out more about our products.




10 August 2010

Solidarity helping hand


During the last few months Nativa joined forces with Solidarity and contributed to a variety of social responsibility events. On the 10th of August 2010, Nativa donated 120 Turbokidz shakes to the value of R10 000 to the Solidarity Helping Hand project, where they pack nutritional lunchboxes for underprivileged children. Get involved and learn more about this event by visiting their website:


8 August 2010

Tobi and Robi at Jakaranda and Louis Botha Children’s Home


Nativa donated Turbokidz shakes to the value of R27 000 to the children at the Jakaranda- and– Louis Botha Children’s Home. They are a non-profit organization that takes care of abused children. Many of these children suffer from malnutrition and ill-treatment. Nativa believes that the nutritional shakes could improve the growth and development of these children and help them to realize their full potential. The Turbokidz shakes were handed over by the Nativa robots, named Tobi and Robi, the children were very excited about their visit!
Visit their website at:

16 July 2010

Nativa’s involvement with PopUp (People Upliftment Programme)

Child nutrition is very important to Nativa and we try to get involved wherever we can. On the 16th of July, we donated a 1000 Turbokidz shakes to the value of R80 000 to the children at PopUp. PopUp has a crèche called PopKids, that looks after disabled children between the ages 12 months and 5 years from the Salvokop community. Many of the children suffer from malnutrition and hunger and Nativa believes that the nutritional shakes can enhance their health and development. The children were very excited and even sang the Waka Waka song to the Nativa staff. Yummy party packs were handed out which assured smiles all around!



Visit their website at:

27 July 2010

Aiming to bring life, hope and opportunity to underprivileged children !!!

Nativa donated 30 blankets to the lonely road foundation. The blankets were handed out to many grateful children in the Ga Dikgale community!



To learn more about the lonely road foundation visit their website at

4 June 2010

Let’s take hands with the children in need


On the 4th of June, Nativa donated 2000 Turbokidz shakes to the value of R160 000 to children in need. On this day, Solidarity hosted an event called “Nationale-handtjie vat-dag”, were they invited every proud South African to take hands with a child in need and support them by providing supplies in order to serve the basic needs of the children.



4 May 2009

Dawn is living her dream!



Dawn Frans of Mosselbay (45) worked in the kitchens of various restaurants in the Southern Cape for many years. But she wasn’t happy. At the back of her mind she always wondered what would have happened if she had completed her teacher’s diploma way back in the 80′s and gone into teaching. She saw the opportunity to rekindle her ambition when she started working as a part-time worker for Nativa in Mosselbay. She convinced Nativa CEO, Elize van der Berg, to give her a chance to live her dream.
The rest is history. With the financial support of Nativa she completed her National Diploma in Education part-time in 2008 and is now teaching at the St. Blaize RK Primary School in town. “It is very gratifying to see the improvement in the children’s development and to realise what you can accomplish if you put your mind to it,” Dawn recently explained. Her next goal is to do an additional year at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology and to work towards obtaining a degree. Dawn, a single parent, is also looking forward to providing her two sons, Adrian and Ryan, with a proper education. She will now be able to do that.



20 April 2009

The “Dinare Football Club” of Potgietersrus can now say they are proudly dressed by Matla (from Nativa).


The company sponsored the club with soccer kit and did a fun filled Matla promotion on game day (10 April 2009).
The town will be buzzing with the name Matla for many months to come!
Laduma Dinare FC!!!

12 February 2008

Nativa making a difference


On your way to Glentana (just off the highway about 20 km outside George) there is a small primary school with the name of Hoogekraal.The kids that go to school there struggled. They were under nourished and the teachers started to prepare meals for them to help out. However, preparing meals (in a class-room) can be very distracting – especially if you are hungry.

Nativa CEO, Elize van der Berg, heard about their plight through the Char Char Trust – an international organization that sponsors books for underprivileged schools in Africa.

The long and short of it, is that Nativa ended up building a R25 000 kitchen at the school. Ellize van der Berg (the CEO) and Lucas Oosthuizen (marketing director) attended the “grand opening” of the kitchen during one of their recent trips to the Southern Cape.

Turbovite water bottles were handed out and a good time was had by all. Nativa will sponsor the appointment of an additional teacher at the school in the coming year.

Combined with food aid that is now provided to the school by the government, things are really looking up at Hoogekraal.

20 November 2007

PSASA – Mpumalanga

PSASA is a non-governmental organization. Heading this group, is Corrie Oosthuizen. Volunteers are involved in home based care activities, their patients include the aged, chronically ill patients as well as patients affected by HIV and Aids. Nativa often donates stock to PSASA



left: Corrie Oosthuizen (middle) and two volunteer workers PSASA’s store room | right: Volunteers off loading stock donated by Nativa

10 November 2007

Ethembeni Care Centre

Nativa donates Matla products and promotional items to Ethembeni Care Centre




left: Nativa representatives visited the Ethembeni Care Centre in October 2007 Ethembeni Care Centre | right: Delighted children receive Matla water bottles

13 June 2006

The Giving Organization


The Giving Organization Through Payroll Giving, companies give their employees an opportunity to contribute voluntarily to reputable charities. Staff at Nativa contributes to Payroll Giving. Money is automatically deducted from Nativa’s payroll, and allocated to the Giving Organization. This gives each staff member at Nativa the opportunity to make a difference in the life of someone less

6 March 2006

Athlone Diabetes Support Group Party




Nativa handed out sample packs to diabetic patients in Athlone.

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